Sports Events

The goal of organising a sports event is to boost the company’s spirit and the employee’s health in order to obtain direct economic benefits. Sports events bring great benefits for both, the company and the employees. The company improves its corporate image, performance, productivity, loyalty and employee knowledge, while the employees improve their living standards, their physical and psychological conditions, their motivation and attitude, as well as their inter-personal relationships.

The kind of sports events that we organise:

Tournament, Championship, League, Race, And Olympic Games.

Corporate Sport Events

  • Inter-corporate sports events
  • Intra-corporate sports events

College Sports Events

  • Inter-college sports events
  • Intra-college sports events

School Sports Events

  • Inter-school sports events
  • Intra-school sports events

Communities Sports Events

  • Inter-society sports events
  • Intra-society sports events

Customised sports events:

BSD Sports also organises tailor made sports events for you. Our sports events are unique in a way that it combines playing sports with impacting volunteer work. These events allows you and your team mates to play against local opposition  while also helping on worthwhile volunteer projects in the local community.

For customised sports events contact:


Phone: + 91-9914522010